Genesis Framework Review

Ok this is my personal Genesis Framework Review but first let me talk about what the Genesis Framework actually is, Genesis is much more than a Premium WordPress theme. It’s an underlying framework of immaculate code.

The main reason to use the Genesis Framework and Child Themes are to speed up development. Theme frameworks greatly reduce the time you spend developing. The development time is improved because Genesis offer’s a great deal of customization options, so you the developer do not have to code everything from scratch. Creating a child theme is as simple as creating a new style.css file and a functions.php file for your customizations. But as we dive deeper into this Genesis Framework Review this will become apparent.

What are the pro’s and con’s of using a Framework like Genesis?

Like with most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to using the Genesis Framework. Let’s take a look at both.


  • Community – Genesis has a huge community behind it. This makes it much easier to get support.
  • Development – As I mentioned previously that using a framework can reduce the development time and make things easier.
  • Upgrades – The ability to upgrade without losing any custom changes of child themes is awesome.
  • Code Quality – The code base is extremely well written.
  • Functionality – Genesis comes with lots of built-in features and additional functionality.


  • Learning – As with any framework they have their own hooks and filters. To utilize the full power you must go through a learning curve. So your first couple of child themes might take a little longer until you familiarize yourself with Genesis.
  • Unnecessary Code – Frameworks generally come with lots of built-in functions you may never use.
  • Price – Genesis is not free but the benefits far outweigh the price.

Genesis Framework Features

The automatic updates is a very nice feature, just apply this setting and your Genesis Framework will automatically update. The benefits to this are that the guys over at Studiopress handle all the security updates as needed and for example when the WordPress core gets updated they will make the necessary changes to the framework for you Great!.

Genesis Auto Updates

You have also got an option to replace the WordPress Rss feeds with your own custom feeds ie Feedburner.

custom rss feeds

But one of the best options in my opinion is the Layout system that genesis comes with, you can set the default site layout in the main options, and you can also choose different layouts for specific posts or pages.

genesis default theme layout

Some of the other options you can do are to insert breadcrumbs automatically, change how the content archives display, customize the “Blog” page template with small changes like which category to display and how many posts to display.

Another one of the Genesis Framework Feature’s are that you can add code directly into the page header and footer without going into the theme files and adding the code there. A good use for this could be adding your Google Analytics code.

genesis header & footer options

Built In Seo Options

The Genesis Framework search engine optimization settings out of the box are very powerful, you can adjust the way the <title> displays.

genesis document title settings

As you can see some very powerful options, you can add the tagline to your document title, add your website name to the inner pages, choose your document title separator and the best part choose which location you would like to append the changes to left or right.

You can also adjust many seo options on a per post or page basis, some of the options you have are to change the document title, meta description, keywords, canonical url plus a few others.

All the seo options in my opinion are great but still no substitute for some of the more powerful seo plugins my favorite one for example: WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

Developing With Genesis

As with any WordPress framework there is a learning curve, you need to get familiar with the coding before you can really unleash the full power of the framework. But with the Genesis Framework I personally found it very easy to find my way around the code base, which is great as you don’t really wont to spend hours researching just to make a few small changes.

As for Child themes they too are very easy to do, all you need is some Css knowledge and you can create some really great designs very fast.

Not a Developer?

No problem, the guys at Studiopress have loads of Child Themes for you to choose from. On this blog I’m using my own custom Child Theme but here are some of the great designs you can purchase with the Genesis Framework.

genesis example themes


Genesis has some really great plugins to help you get your website up and running really fast.

For example, Andrew Norcross has developed a plugin called Genesis Design Palette that will allow you to make simple CSS changes (like link colors and font types and sizes) within the WordPress dashboard.

genesis design palette plugin


So far I found the support to be great, there are some great developers out there that work exclusively with Genesis, obviously yours truly. Below are some links to some great resources.

Final Thoughts On The Genesis Framework Review

I think the Genesis Framework is fantastic. Amazing options, especially for both the novice and advanced developer, as you can see I run the genesis framework here on my blog so I have great faith in this framework by studiopress.

If you have any comments or feedback about my Genesis Framework Review please comment below.

So what are you waiting for get your copy of the Genesis Framework Today?.

Powered by the Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

Genesis empowers you to easily build amazing websites with WordPress. Whether you're a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to incredible places.

It's that simple - start using Genesis now!

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